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Bathing Suits, Bikes and Weirdness. A True Love Story.

I've never met two people more connected than Jackie and Sam. Two quirky, weird, amazing and deeply connected people. But that's the thing - we're all a little weird whether we admit it or not and Jackie and Sam found each others perfect match.

When Jackie contacted me about doing her bathing suit beach wedding I had no idea what to expect but I was excited to find out, and it did not disappoint. Between the beautiful readings, the beautiful scenery, meditation and their amazing self written vows which were so in sync with each others it was perfect. In fact so perfect, them wearing bathing suits made perfect sense. It fit who Jackie and Sam are, it fit how their ceremony felt, it fit everything about them.

Following the ceremony Jackie and Sam, both avid cyclists, hopped on their bikes with a bunch of their guests to do a married victory lap. It was such a fun, unique and cool touch and again, it was the perfect representation of who they are.

The reception, which was at the always spectacular New Haven Lawn Club was a bit more traditional with Jackie and Sam hanging their swimsuits up for more formal wedding attire - but after some beautiful and hysterical toasts - Jackie and Sam lit up the dance floor having the time of their lives. Seeing their smiles and all the love circling them from their family and friends topped off such a perfectly unique, weird, amazing and beautiful day for such a perfectly matched pair.

I hope you enjoy their highlight film!

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Nov 10, 2020

The most embarrassing thing that happened while wearing a swimming suit? It slipped down, revealing my, ah, chest (or one of them, at least) to a passing group of boys with their younger sister and Click the link . The boy had given me a strange, almost disturbing look. I hadn’t understood until I had gotten out of the pool and by then I was just like, whoops.

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