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A Lighthouse, A Carousel and Lots of Happy Tears!

It’s always an honor when couples choose us to film their wedding. It’s an extra special honor when other vendors choose us to film their weddings.

I’ll never forget, about 3 years ago we were filming a wedding where Krissy was one of the photographers who was working for (and still does) the amazing team at Shade’s Shutters Photography. We were chatting about marriage when Krissy goes “I love you work. You will be our wedding videographer…in 3 years. Save the date, August 2nd, 2019.” I laughed and jokingly said I’ll write it down. I asked her why that date was so important? She replied “It’ll be mine and Kenny’s 10 year anniversary.” Little did Krissy know 8/2 would take on even more meaning down the road.

Last year, on August 2nd, Krissy’s father passed away. Such a sad thing to happen on such a happy anniversary date but Krissy and Kenny didn’t look at it that way - they saw this as an amazing way to honor her father who would have loved to see her and Kenny married. They chose Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven because her father loved lighthouses and the beach. They honored him with a seat at the ceremony and reception and most of all they honored him by getting married. 10 years to the day that they officially started dating, Kenny and Krissy were now husband and wife and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

After a beautiful ceremony on the beach with some of the best self written vows I have ever heard it was time to party! After a few heartfelt toasts, Kenny danced with his mom and then danced with Krissy’s mom to the same song her and her husband shared their first dance to several years before. It was such a sweet moment.

Thanks to the awesome DJ team at FC Music Productions the dance floor was packed all night! Fancesco, the main DJ, mixed up some great music playing many Haitian hits that got many of Kenny’s relatives and friends who traveled from Haiti to be at their wedding up and moving! It was such a cool experience and mix of amazing cultures!

When Krissy told me to save the date 3 years out without anything booked, I took it as a joke, but once I met and got to know Kenny I knew they would absolutely be married on August 2nd 2019 and was so excited they wanted us to be a part of it! You couldn’t hand pick a better couple than these two who both have amazing families and friends.

High School sweethearts for 10 years, now married - I am so excited to see their love continue to grow and flourish through this next chapter of their lives! Congratulations Krissy and Kenny!

The Team:

Photography: Shades Shutters (Wendy and Traci)

Florist: Amelia Iuliano

Caterer: Fitzgerald Fine Catering

DJ: FC Music Productions

Coordinator: JS Stationary and Events

Hair: Marie Tallone

Makeup: Pure Beauty LLC

Cake: DiMare Pasty Shop

Calligraphy: Calligraphic Creations

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