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A Wedding with Split Pants and a Full Moon?!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I know what you're thinking - someone split their pants and we got to see their full moon....sorry for the clickbait... I'll save you some reading if that's what you thought this was going to be...No, no - the actual legit moon was full and shining unbelievably big bright for Nicole and Jacob's wedding...and well the split pants...Jacob can do splits - and likes to rock them out during some dancing, so to avoid split pants he had a special, split proof pair to change into for some dancing!

I was looking forward to Nicole and Jacob's wedding for a long time. For nearly 15 years I have been fortunate enough to have filmed MANY of Nicole's family and friend's weddings so I was excited to see so many familiar faces - on top of that, knowing after all these years I am still being referred by them is just an amazing feeling. I was excited to create another masterpiece for an amazing couple and family!

The day was awesome - I even got to help dress Nicole's dad and help put Nicole's shoes on - not something that happens often - but seeing it done once... or 500ish times, I'm pretty much a pro at formal dressing at this point. Everyone was so fun, friendly and welcoming. The morning flew by, full of laughs, funny stories and a lot of "hey google" misplayed music.

The ceremony was held at St. Maurice Church in Stamford followed by the reception at the country club of Darien where the dance floor was packed all night long thanks to the DJ, DJ Jonesy with Nicole and Jacob at the center of it...and Jacob's splits making an appearance a few times. What a fun group of people!

Side note - this was the day before the Game of Thrones series finale so the best man was wearing a hand of the king pin and one groomsman put on a dragon mask while a bidesmaid got on his back looking like the Dragon Queen and he 'flew' her into the reception during introductions. Amazing!

Nicole and Jacob are perfect together. Hearing their cards to each other and seeing the way they looked at each other during the ceremony set the tone for the entire day. I knew it was going to be fun and full of love and by the end of the wedding I was excited to get working on their highlight. With so much content I knew I would be able to make something perfect for them that highlights their high energy, loveable nature, kickass dance moves (I'm looking at you Jacob) and just overall love. I hope you enjoy their highlight as much as we enjoyed filming and creating it!

//The Team//

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