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A Wedding That Almost Wasn't...

Alyssa and John were set to be married in a big wedding in August at the Candlewood Inn. The planning was going well and time was on their side...Until it wasn't.

Sadly, Alyssa's dad is sick and while August was the original plan, his illness progressed to the point where they were going to cancel the wedding... but when a decision to try to move the wedding up was made, things started to just fall into place (with the help of the amazing Diana from Jubilee Events)!

The wedding, now a much more smaller intimate affair, was moved up 2 months at a new venue, Chamard Vineyards. The day had changed a bit, now more of a dinner party but all the original vendors (us included) were able to find a date that worked for everyone to make this special day happen for Alyssa and John!

I honestly didn't know what to expect the day of. I didn't know how people were going to be acting, we didn't know if Alyssa's dad would be well enough to even make it to the wedding but what I did know is that Anthony and I were going to make the best film possible for them.

With a beautiful outdoor beach wedding planned, the weather was looking iffy with scattered showers going on throughout the afternoon and we had also heard Alyssa's dad had been feeling sick and may not even be able to walk her down the aisle but all the happenings didn't seem to phase Alyssa. She had faith. She seemed to know the weather would clear up and she seemed to know her dad would feel well enough to walk her down the aisle...and was she right!

Not only did her dad show up looking and feeling pretty well, he was able to walk her down the aisle AND dance with Alyssa and in a very sweet and touching moment, her sister too...on top of that, not long before the start of the ceremony, the rain broke and the sun came out - it was perfection!

And I can't not mention John and his family who have been rocks through this whole process and everything going on. Together him and Alyssa make the perfect pair and it was so great to see them all day, enjoying their time with their family and closest friends and being able to just be present in the moment.

I am so happy we were able to be a part of such a wonderful and special day and I am so happy we got to create such a beautiful and important memory for Alyssa and John and their loved ones.

There was laughter and tears and lots of love and all of that are the perfect ingredients for a beautiful wedding day!

I hope you enjoy your highlight film as much as we loved creating it!

//The Team//

Planner - Diana Chouinard of Jubilee Events

Photographer - Robert of Robert Norman Photography

Florist - Hana Floral -

Cake - Milkbar NYC -

Hair - Lauren from Dana Bartone and Co -

Makeup - Erica Martell -

Music - ETA Band -

Venue - Chamard Vineyards -

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