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10 Years...Life. Love. Family. A True Love Story.

Emma and Christian were married on July 17th, 2009 at Harkness Memorial Park in Waterford, Connecticut. I remember it like it was yesterday - Emma was pregnant with their first child and Christian and his groomsmen were all well over 6 feet tall basketball players! I remember how much in love the two of them were and how sweet they were together and I remember the fun - the packed dance floor and all the laughs. I knew this would be a marriage that lasts.

Fast forward nearly 10 years later and I get an email from Emma asking me if I would be interested in filming their vow renewal. Without hesitation I said YES and the wheels started turning immediately. I wondered if I still had access to their original edited video somewhere - I knew it would look a bit dated (I mean between technology changing and styles changing) but figured it would be so awesome to be able to edit their wedding with their vow renewal if I could find the footage.

Almost 10 years to do the day later we met up once again at Harkness Memorial Park at the same exact location of their wedding ceremony with the same exact Reverend who married them 10 years prior.

A lot has changed in Emma and Christian's life (they now have two beautiful children and live in Milan, Italy where Christian plays professional basketball) but at the same time nothing has changed. They're still the same sweet and so in love, perfect couple they were 10 years ago.

It was so amazing to see these two after 10 years and I feel so honored that they reached out to me all these years later to film another huge milestone in their lives. I hope you love their highlight film as much I loved creating it - such a special memory to be a part of - one of my most cherished in my 16 years of filming weddings. Enjoy the film and Happy 10th Anniversary Emma and Christian !

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