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We Beat the Rain! A beautiful Mystic, CT Wedding.

Emily and Luke were originally supposed to get married last May but due to the pandemic they decided to move their wedding.

After a year of waiting and 2 changed dates, all you can hope for is the perfect weather, but sadly that's not the way things work out always.

When we arrived in Mystic to film Emily and Luke getting ready, it was grey outside. The weather forecasts all said rain was on the way and it seemed like our beautiful waterfront outdoor ceremony was going to have to head inside under a tent. Most of the time when this happens, our couples are a bit upset and rightfully so, but not Emily and Luke! They were just so happy to be there, getting married to their soulmate and being with all of their closest family and friends - rain wasn't going to interrupt their perfect day!

After preparations, we headed to Latitude41 right on the dock right on the seaport to do their first look. Just then the clouds shifted and sunlight was pouring through! There was still a threat for rain, but for now, we were safe. Emily and Luke saw each other for the first time where we got some great footage and the amazing photographers, Vicki + Erik took them all along the seaport for some stunning portraits!

With the clouds rolling back in, the ceremony was still a go for outside. Officiated by their friend (and groomsman), it was perfect. Short and sweet and just beautiful. As Emily and Luke shared their first kiss as husband and wife and made their way back up the aisle, a few drops of rain started landing. The timing was impeccable. All the guests made it under the tent before the rain really picked up and at that point, the rain only added to the beauty of the day being under the tent on the water for the reception.

Once the party hit, it was non stop dancing for Emily, Luke and all of their guests, with some heartfelt, yet funny toasts sprinkled in. Their day was the perfect mix of energy, fun, tears (happy) and love! I am so thrilled and happy we got to be a part of this beautiful day for this beautiful couple. Enjoy their highlight film!

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