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A Confetti Cannon of Love.

This wedding was a BLAST - pun intended...just watch the highlight to get it!

Lauren and Chris were married at our favorite venue, the New Haven Lawn Club. In fact the day seemed (on paper) a lot like a wedding we did only a few weeks earlier, but as we all know, every single wedding is different and Lauren and Chris's was no exception!

The day started with the girls getting ready at the Study at Yale. Again, I was only there filming bridal party preps 2 weeks earlier, but I LOVE when that happens because it really lets me get creative. I can try new shots I didn't have time for last time and come up with entirely new shots too. Not only that, being familiar with a place helps so much with planning the shoot.

As soon as I walked in Lauren and the girls welcomed my while she was getting her makeup done. Listening to the stories and how calm everyone was, I knew the wedding day was not only going to be fun, but a go with the flow kind of day, which I love. Both Lauren and Chris were super easy going which makes our job so much easier!

Following prep we headed to St. Stanislaus for a beautiful ceremony followed by photos on he Yale campus. We had so much fun there as we all hopped on the trolly to travel together.

Following that it was off to the always perfect Lawn Club for an evening of delicious food and lots of dancing with the reception culminating with one of the coolest finales I have ever seen at a wedding - again, just watch the highlight to see! It was so cool learning more about Lauren and Christ through the amazing toasts and then seeing the two of them dance the night away not only together, but with all their friends too! This is a special group of people who were circled with tons of love throughout the day!

I hope you enjoy their highlight - it's explosive!

The Team//

Bakery: Julia’s (Cake & other desserts)

Lucibellos (Cookies)

Lighting and Confetti: Correlation Productions

Band: Metropolitan Music (Bud Maltin)

Videographer: DMO Films

Hair & Makeup Stylists: Dana Bartone Stylist

Photographer: Misty Enright

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