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Two Hilarious People Fall in Love...

Everytime we walk into preparations we don't know what to expect. In the digital age more times than not the first time we meet our couples is when we show up to film. Sure we email and sometimes chat on the phone but that doesn't always give us a full idea of what to expect on the wedding day. We know we will have fun and make an amazing film but we don't always know what kind of wedding it will be, will it be more emotional? A big party? Mixed emotions? The second I walked in to film Allie and the girls getting ready, I knew this was going to be a PARTY and tons of fun - Allie was immediately cracking jokes and making everyone laugh - there wasn't any sense of nervousness. I've never felt so welcomed by a group so quick. During prep I always check in with Anthony, my second shooter who films the guys prep and see how it's going - he reported back the exact same thing - Steve and the guys were hilarious, a ton of fun and he too knew the day was going to be a blast. Allie made it clear the day was going to be all fun and little to no emotions because she isn't a fan of crying..........Well that changed when she read a beautiful card from Steve - she tried to hold it back but she just couldn't do it - and those emotions added so much more to the feeling of the day. The rest of the day, while unbelievably fun, also had an amazingly sweet emotional edge to it.

After a beautiful ceremony, it was off to the New Haven Lawn Club for the party - and a party it was, partly in thanks to the amazing DJ team of Geoff and Grace of Local Motion Entertainment. From the start, to the end, Allie and Steve and their family and friends were dance machines. As always, Christine, Karen and the entire Lawn Club team did a phenomenal job with the planning and execution of the reception.

The whole day was filled with tons of laughs and tons of love - Allie and Steve are the perfect match. And for anyone who thinks Allie has a tough exterior - this is what I got back from her after watching the highlight - "MATT! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Currently crying at my desk and you KNOW how much I hate crying." - sorry to blow up your spot Allie but I love that you guys loved the film!

The Team:

Dress Shop - Mariella's Creations

DJ & Photobooth - LOCAL MOTION ENTERTAINMENT - Geoff and Grace Pusko

Cocktail Hour Music - Millennium Music - Kathy Schiano

Florist - Flowers by Danielle - Danielle Farrer

Hair & Make Up - Upstyle - Brittany George & Jessica

Photographer - Eric Brushett Photography - Eric Brushett

Cake - JCakes - Hope

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