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True Love.

Lauren and Tim fell in love quickly after they met and after spending the day with this amazing couple at their wedding, we totally see why - they are PERFECT for each other. They both care so deeply for each other and their families and friends, Lauren is a bit more outspoken, Tim more reserved but they balance each other out! They laugh together (a lot!) and just have this way about them that makes you want to be friends with them! Throughout the day I'd catch them locking eyes, sometimes from a distance away, talking to different people and they'd both share a smile immediately.

After a beautiful ceremony where we just beat the rain we took Lauren and Tim to a private tree where they exchanged their own personal vows in front of just us and the photographer. It was perfect.

The wedding was held at the remarkable Barnes at Wesleyan Hills. The property is gorgeous and the staff does such an amazing job there. Allie, the planner from the Barnes was fantastic, making sure we had everything we needed and keeping us in the loop at all times! In fact, all the vendors were fantastic, from Rich the DJ to Eric Brushett and his wife as the photographers. A great couple, a great venue and great vendors is a recipe for a perfect day - and it was!

A little side story - when Lauren was getting ready we were talking about her living in Minnesota and jokingly I said that she must work for Target headquarters only knowing that was there because my wife designs handbags for Steve Madden who sells some of their brands in target so my wife sometimes travels there for meetings. Lauren surprised said how do you know?! So I explained to her what my wife does and she laughed and said...I know your wife! Lauren works on the Target side of things. They haven't worked directly together to make a sale but they know of each other. One of my wife's friends who is Lauren's co-workers was at the wedding! What a small world!

Congratulations again Lauren and Tim - thanks for letting us be a part of you wedding and I am so glad you love your highlight Film!

The Team:

Photo: Eric Brushett

Music: power station events, Rich G.

Makeup/Hair: All Dolled Up

Flowers: Koko Floral Design

Dress: Mariella Creations

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