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Laughs, Tears and Everything In Between - A Wedding That Had It All!

Every single wedding we film is different. I am not talking about just the venue and the couple and guests, I mean the feeling, the emotions. Some weddings are a giant fun party all day long. Some weddings are full of emotion all day long, Some weddings are more romantic and some more silly, but for Alaina and JK, they hit every single type of wedding we have done all rolled into one, and it was amazing!

Between the letters JK and Alaina wrote to each other, both of their closeness and connections with their family and friends, hearing about them during toasts, how they treat everyone and their badass dance moves (seriously, their first dance was amazing!) we hit every single emotion a wedding could have!

This highlight film captures the day, these two wonderful, sweet and caring people and the rollercoaster of emotions of the day perfectly!

Thanks for letting us be a part of such an important day and we hope your film brings you right back to your beautiful wedding day any time you want!

Special thanks to all the amazing vendors we got to work with - everyone was GREAT! Abigail Scott, the photographer was so great and easy to work with as always, and the band, First Class Band & Concetta was crazy good! They had the dance floor packed all night long playing so many amazing tunes and sounding perfect while doing it!

//The Team//

Abigail Scott - Photography

First Class Band & Concetta - Band

Trout Lily Farm - Flowers

Essence Center for Beauty & Wellness - Hair & Makeup

Mariella Creations - Dress Shop

Hilton Mystic - Reception venue

Vesta Bakery - Cake

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Jan 31, 2021

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Jan 31, 2021

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